The Winning Point... gives you the exact tools you need to transform your performance to achieve the results you dream of. Mindset is 90% of the secret behind the success of great athletes. Confidence, vision and winning actions bring results. Learn the principles to successfully turn your goals into reality. Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, gymnast, pitcher or quarterback, the mental game strategies apply to you. Physical training combined with mental game strategies lead to performance breakthroughs. Results are the name of the game, and you can achieve them!

Sports psychologists offer many strategies to help athletes get out of the struggle. Whether it is visualization, key words, affirmations or goal setting, most athletes are missing one key component. You need to know what that one missing piece is, if you want to consistently perform up to your greatest potential. Let’s face it; all athletes will face a setback at one time or another. To prevent a setback turning into a slump or choking at the crucial moment, you need a quick and effective remedy. The Winning Point provides that for you. Being in a struggle is optional. You can choose to opt-out!

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What people are saying...

Before working with Loren I was having one of the most disappointing and frustrating seasons of my career. The frustration built upon its self every meet and by the end of the season I was starting to consider hanging it up.

I spoke with Loren the evening before my last competition of my season and it was a mind blowing experience. I have worked with a few sports psychologists and I never had an experience quite like this. I was able to visualize my entire performance and for the first time I could actually FEEL what it would be like.

Within one single session I was able to come out of a major slump and finish my 2010 season with a 12 foot seasons best!

I highly recommend working with Loren and my goal for 2012 is to throw 260 feet and make the US Olympic Team. With Loren’s help I can feel and see what it will be like to achieve my goal and have 100% confidence that I will achieve my goal in 2012.”
— Mike Milakovic, Sport: Track and Field (Hammer Throw)

A few weeks ago we met at your office with the idea of helping me with the mental part of the game of golf.

As a serious amateur golfer and with a couple of important tournaments on my schedule, including the very competitive “Southern Oregon Golf Championships,” I was looking for any chance to improve upon the mental aspect of my game.

We met for about an hour and in that time you touched upon some very meaningful and introspective thought issues. I felt I was being helped but I wouldn’t know until I actually played some golf again, especially under the stress of a tournament.

I completed my play in the “Southern Oregon” this last Monday, Labor Day, and I am happy to let you know that I WON MY FLIGHT…!!! For a first time participant in this huge golf tournament, I felt that your help and mental suggestions were a powerful tool that helped me stay calm and focused under the pressure of competing directly against the player next to me in the unique format that is “match play,”

I want to thank you for your mental training. I would also recommend your services to any athlete competing, or simply wanting to improve, in their sport.”
— Michael Goldman, Winner of the Senior Fourth Flight, SOGC, Sept, 2010